Give it Style and Function

Choosing Themes and Widgets

The theme determines how the site will look and also which types of widgets are available or built in. For example, some themes have tabs for pages built into the theme and others do not. Some themes have more configuration options as well such as replaceable banner images. To pick a theme, choose the “Appearance” link on the left of the dashboard then scan through the various options. Blogs are most commonly 2 or 3 columns but other options exist. Columns break the blog into visual sections. There is usually a main content section that is larger than the rest. This is where content from posts or pages will appear. The smaller side columns are used for widgets. Pick a theme that you feel is attractive and makes the information on your blog most easily accessible and readable.

Think of widgets as tools your visitors will use. Widgets for things like searching the blog, the most recent posts or comments, an archive of past posts, and tag clouds all help visitors find information on your blog. Widgets can be changed from the “Appearance” tab as well which opens with a list of sub categories.


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